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0A bolt in the neck

0A brick with the sky in it

0A circle - un cercle

0A closed door

0A cross the synapse

0Activity masquerading as purpose (the intersection of cylinderism)

0Adrift in the dark room

0A first painting after the death of Chaos the cat

0A first painting after the death of Dali

0A first painting after the death of Siddall the dog

0A flutterbye, once transfixed upon the Bakerloo

0After Cuyp (10 images)

0After midnight, Aenfer eclipsed by hair in a bun

0Aglimpsed again of an umbered evening; the august constellation of The Sound of the Sea

0Akerue; mirror images through a reflective lens...

0A little chaos

0All day every day...

0All points of the compass to ITTIA - the humane trap?

0All water under the bridge...

0Always all at sea

0A merry dance, in retrospect

0A multitude of buttons

0And even unto the unconsidered circumstance of the spotless trowel

0And keep you amused, I'm sure

0And shall we go again.....

0And so, time passes - even for the daughter of Pohjola

0And so this is Christmas

0, and stalking woodworm.’

0And this is progress?

0...and with my head on fire...

0A node point; this tuesday evening one november

0An open invitation

0An upside down picture

A painting; 13 months later

0Apples? Potatoes? Yellow scarf!

0“A polar bear in a snow storm?” replied Miss Prints

0A pre-autumnal rememberance of the auto-intellectual anastheasia .....

0A rememberance of summers before the fall


0A ring through the nose

0A rock on the island

0Around, around and around again the loch of Candusa Aregen

0As Atacama dreams of rain, so.....

0As if, many a half cut grand design and cheaper by the dozen

0As it was in the beginning

0As it was in the beginning (2)

0A sort of anniversary, precursed by omens.......

0As plain as the nose on your face; as obvious as the girl from Arles

0A still life still in moment

0A stitching through in time - briefly empty, wholly agricultural - somewhere east of Edale

0A strangely coloured dice with the sky in it

0Astrolabe and Ephemeris

0A study, once - in brown and yellow

0A tissue from

0At last; better luck this time with the Bauhaus jolio exercise

0At last (yoga), well, sort of

0Atomic! Counting down the half-life of fire and ice

0A touch of (yoga)

0A view from my window (Ryhope chimney)

0Aunty Catharsis, She say “A blind man looking in a dark room for a black cat that isn’t there.”

0Awaiting coincidence

0Baggy-I the Lucky Bag; baggy-I the universe and everything in it

0Baggy-I the Lucky Bag; skipping stones and nobbing apples; alabaster, marbles and conkers

0Baggy-I the Lucky Bag; abandoned gun emplacements; paternosters under the pier

0Barking up the tomato palm cruise, or BANANAD!

0Baskerville Hall - and that’s on a good day!

0Beach, bath, or hand......” Where it is?”

0Beautiful Zelda (from Galaxy Four)

0Beautiful Zelda's not so pretty bespectacled pal (from a parallel thursday week)

0Beautiful Zelda's next door neighbour from the planet Knitting-pattern...

0Behind you!

0Bell bottom blues (Ring-a-ding-ding)



0Between ship launches: the festival of a thousand kirby grips, clothes pegs and shopping lists

0Beyond the pale. Or; the enigma of the melancholy nostalgia

0Big mesh

0Bird of paradise and weight

0Blowing hot and cold off Valparaiso

0Blue Bayou without (yoga)

0Bolts, rings, levers, belts and ratchets, and a side serving of time passed with The Third Entity

0Bonnie Lesley abroad

0Both ends of infinity


0Breath in and breath out.....


0Brick wall



0By the rowan tree

0Café Staines

0Café Staines - caleyedascoap virshun

Card game

0Carillon in the vestibule

0Castle in the Pyrenees


0Celebrating a quarter century of failed magic; imagine Esmeralda's memory-badge present.....

Chac Mool taking the risk and, unwisely perhaps, fantasizing about Erzulie

0Cheese for supper?

0'Cheese for supper?' enquired the winking triffid



0Chess, cards, piano. Solitaire

0Cinnomolgus and Hercynea - Flotsam and jetsam in the straits between

0Classroom motivation

0Clockwork Edwina Currie dolls, set of 'greetings' cards - (5 images)

0Cloven Helm

0Coffee Table

0Cogitator’s comfort (for the contemplative heed-banger)

0Cogito, ergo sum

0Coincidence like a goal-less draw

0Cold showers in the house of baths (or rallying the lavatorial humour)

0Communication breakdown

0Composition for a friday february night and a sunny saturday morning

0Confluence con flujo

0Conny de Mayne


0Coronation picnic. July 21st 1911


0Cry havoc, and the Paddock Wood waiting room notice board

0Dance to the dainty tune of The Many Masks Of The Leanhaun Shee

0...dancing the night away with the girl from Arles in the no-time

0Dawn and dusk by the big swimming pool

0Deceptive; bare branches of the black cherry in late winter

0Demolishing the fibre-board wall and a not inconsiderable interest in meteorology combine to.....

0Developing a sense of perspective

0Development of an orange


0Disorganized days - disorganised daze; spellins and puntuationzis

0Dogs Doggedly dogmatizing

0Doodle (What on Earth was I doing..... ?)

0Door0(a short film)

0Drawing board 1, 2 - (2 images)

0(Earth, water, air - so much better) second time around

0Eclipsed by a full day's host of accretions

0End of the pier show

0End of the small hours

0Engraved in the memory

0Erg to Erg ‘D’


0Escher!, Escher!, all fall down

0Every seventh wave?

0Excalibur (The sword in the stone)

0Exploration, discovery

0Falling down in brown from Thorpe Cloud to Ladybower

0First and last bridge - a ground zero of the imagination. (Not so much a title as a motto)

0First sight

0Flagging up the awkward opposite


0Florence Biennale Artists0(A selection of artworks by other exhibitors at the 2005 Biennale)

0Fluttering0(a short film)

0Fluttering leaves in the small hours (The sky at night II)

0For what it's worth - setting a course round the Cape of Good Hope in the I of the bee holder


0From an idea by Lubbert Das

0From the landscape of wargames to the landscape of silkscreen prints - the landscape of forever foolish

0From the rising of the Sun to the going down of the same...

0Fu-hsi and the cosmic principles

0Full moons in Februarys



0, getting a tan,

0Goodbye yellow brick

0Got up.....0(a short film)

0Got up 315


0Greatcoats meet ahead of the coach back

0Green cube

0Green fingers grey,00000like patterns00000on windows00000after rain

0Green, Erzulie, green at last!

0Gyron and Abscissa

0Half-life still life: pondering an opening for a game of inertia against the clock


0Hard day’s haunt (save our soles)

0Heartwood, wormwood bitter

0Heavy weather

0Here and there way down south - the flight of the female hammerhead bat-match

0Hitandmisscrosswordsdownthetube (Anag, 31)

0Holiday snaps: the bread, the wine, the cheese - and the maggot to be

0Horse chestnut, greatcoat, ghosts

0Hot peach and clotted cream

0Imagined portraits of a ghost from the past

0Imprecise musings, to the tune of Second Fountain Reflections

0Impromptu - without football

Impromptu 11.45am

0Impromptu 12.30pm and 1.20pm and 1.50pm

0I must go down to the sea again where she sells seashells by the seashore

0In a room not smelling of turpentine

0In a white room with black curtains at the station (Distant train,....)

0In a white room with black curtains at the station (Now the black bat,....)

0In a white room with black curtains at the station (Tubers in the moonlight,....)

0In camera, divide the compass; set square, set fair in the dark room

0In cellar and in attic, the infinite ghostly army of the inevitable march of history

0Infinite regress

0Infinity's mid-point

0In the swim

0In the wee small hours (Variation 2)

0In the wee small hours (Variation 8)

0In the wee small hours (Variation 12)

0In the wee small hours (Variation 16)

0I said, you said.....

0Its not so much that all space-time is distorted by the presence of matter, but rather.....


0Just an old fashioned girl

0Just three more old fashioned girls

0Juvenilia 1 - (9 images)

0Juvenilia 2 - (8 images)

K. C. - portrait

0Kells' belles

0Kells alone (and that Shalott)

0Kitchen - Washbrook Ave


0La gelée sédentaire

0Lamp post

0La Rossa Sulawesi

0La Rossa/Lady With The Skin So White, “Only my special friends get one of these.” she said.

0Late swims - Lily of the Valley and Millerground

0“Laugh? I could have thrown my brain in the fire.”


0Like early season Worcester apples and the sign they always give

0Like so much sand


0(Long time telling) The short tale of the envied scarf

0Looking the wrong way through tinted lenses

0Lost marbles

0LvB; whispers of Furry Lisa

0Marlene Dietrich

0Maze (3D crawl through maze) - (20 images)

0Meditación, con ojos azules. (But I wasn't looking) - (2 images)

0Meditación (Version 2) - (2 images)

0Meeting cycle - talk doodle talk litter of scraps talk litter latter,


0Messing about down the river, chug-chug-chugging along

0Metamorphic Bliss - metaphorical, bless (a conceit of 15 variations) No.1

0Metamorphic Bliss - metaphorical, bless (a conceit of 15 variations) No.4

0Metamorphic Bliss - metaphorical, bless (a conceit of 15 variations) No.10

0Metamorphic Bliss - metaphorical, bless (a conceit of 15 variations) No.12

0Metamorphic Bliss - metaphorical, bless (a conceit of 15 variations) No.15

0Metaphor to map her:- Deckchair kite flying, a lowdown whirlwind (Variation 1) - (4 images)


0Mist again! Missed again?

0Miss Prints and Tutu Passé enjoy the beluga and the blue stilton in the belvedere at Belvoir

0Miss Prints' sea shells; a fourth result of the equation - the sum of all the parts

0Missing emulsion

0Moby Dick’s peg-leg miss

0Moments of fugitive delight flitting through the traceries of dreams (iii)

0Monument & Monument MkII (12 images)

0MP4 (also MP3 and MP5)

0Mr Hyde's pendulum and other loci


0Neither Scylla nor Charybdis do the Entropy Waltz

0Neither Scylla nor Charybdis do the (Irkutsk) walk

0“Neither Scylla nor Charybdis, indeed.” added Mr. Moto, archly

0Neither the spaghetti strands of time and place nor the baked beans of outrageous.....

0New dogs, old tricks - revisiting Beautiful Zelda (V001)

0New dogs, old tricks - revisiting Beautiful Zelda with Trotsky's big soft pal (4)

0New dogs, old tricks - revisiting Beautiful Zelda with Trotsky's big soft pal (6)

0New dogs, old tricks - revisiting Beautiful Zelda (V056)

0New dogs, old tricks - revisiting Beautiful Zelda (V068)

0New dogs, old tricks - revisiting Beautiful Zelda (114 images)

0Next mars (ii)


0Noisy noise annoys an oyster

0(No more) the Mons Badonicus blues, now it’s retrogression time with Norbert Prendergast jr.....

0No Sherlock? The dog it was that didn’t bark

0‘No; ‘tis no use,’ she said.

0Not amused, I'm sure

0Now, there's a puzzle!

0Oh, tedium - I've seen it all before. Don't you have a stick I can fetch?

0Oh!00000She certainly can can-can,00000or so they say...

0Oh well - part 2 (the glitch in the machine)

0OK Bud, hand over the doe!

0On cue, the magpie pagoda

0Once the lost marbles of the pavement, but now the thread of a camel...

0On days such as these

0One man show (London City Airport, 1999)

0One man show catalogue cover (London City Airport, 1999)

0One man show Mensa Magazine cover (London City Airport, 1999)

0One weekend in Sunderland

0Only the orange peel has been changed to protect the innocent

0On the lookout for The Lemming Tendency

0On the lookout for The Lemming Tendency (Variation 1)

0On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi

0On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi (2nd version)

0On toast - this starry-eyed initiate and her loco locus

0On tuesdays she used to do yoga

0Open hand - clenched fist

0Or just the stillness of the inner eye?

0Orange tiles

0Other windows

0Out of one's depth and treading water, out of bounds, outside the station closed

0Out of the box, into the bottle

0Outside the city gate (people of all sorts are going out walking)

0Outside the station closed

0Overtime underground

0Oxfam fashions above the abyss

0Painting for the top of the stairs - the anti-dog device

0Painting Siddall, the Border Collie

0Pappalardi the harpooneer

0Pappalardi the harpooneer - on tow (version 2)

(Part of) a brick fallen down. (Late)

0Peer Gynt in the desert

0Perfect parallels at the start, lines that never meet


0Pieces of eight missing cherries

0Pineapple and beans on toast

0Plate and saucer is to chords and arcs as paper dart is to?

0Plumb centre on leaden days (i)

0Polychrome type of jolio

0Pondering irony in the easy chair

0Pool on the Brathay

0Por una pequeña chispa

0Pretzels at dawn

0Primavera en la reserva mediana on the road to no way

0Proposed properties - No1 The Veineries

0Proposed properties - No2 The Veineries


Pushbikes and temperamental toilet flushes

0Pyrenean moon, clean in the morning

0“Quo vadis?” “From Nottwich to Notlob - pack a shirt and some fresh pyjamas, that’s all you need.”

0Reading between the lines

0Reception centre

Red bird fly

0Red bird fly (II)

0Red bird fly (III) (Hommage à PR - Électrification rurale)

0Red tiles

0Repeat patterns in the floral border

0Revisiting all points of the compass to ITTIA - still the humane trap?

0Revolutionary Anarcho-syndicalist Hostelers Association (plc) presents 'The Kropotkin' (4 images)

0Ring-o-roses dance in the no-time

0Rings, bolts, levers, belts and ratchets, and a side serving of time passed with The Third Entity

0Roker men blitz Boro (incorporating Stuart’s dream)

0Room with trumpet

0Rose tea till a’ the seas gang dry

0Royal Star of the Lion

0Runs blindly


0Ryhope chimney 2

0Ryhope chimney, the Pumping House, and the mirror - for old times sake, of course

0Sailing an ethereal sea, seeking escape from the oubliette of your indifference

0St. Swithin’s Day 1989 - nights are fair drawing in!

Sap green and sap green, wrist and shoulder

0Sausage, egg & chips and a mug of tea one evening in Bristol

0“Scampi and chips!?, why’I’ll stick to me caviar, pet,”

0Scene unseen, thought unspoken

0Sculpture park seating design (4 images)

0“Searching all the day.” (from Pat Flaherty’s dream)

0Searching three steps away

0Sea, sun and sand

0Second time around

0Seeing the chimera


0Shangri La presumed

0Ships that pass on the fault line (goodbye yellow brick)

Sick as a parrot

0Sick as a parrot Mk.ii

0Siddall, the Border Collie

0Side issue - a harmless frivolity

0Silent isobront (eyelet of the deaf)

0Silent worship of the virtue of prudence


0Soft as down, light as silk, a world of innocent dreams

0Soft falling, revolving, dream's cogs in the night

0Softly ticking the clock, gentle soughing the breath of air

Solipsism, or; Yin Yang and The Trigrams

0Some might say

0Spinning Sigismund - the garden shed

0Splurgethurgle and yowle

0Spot marks the 'x'

0Springtime scalping on the central reservation

0Squaring the circle - I&II

0(Stamps 86, untitled) (April 86 collage)

0(Stamps 86) Dark dreams and the sword of Wrnach (Gwrnach)

0(Stamps 86) In darkness imagine light

0(Stamps 86, untitled) (87 collage)

0(Stamps 86, untitled) (May 95 collage)

0(Stamps 86, untitled) (Nov 98 collage)

0(Stamps 86, untitled) (Dec 98 collage(i))

0(Stamps 86, untitled) (Dec 98 collage(ii))

0(Stamps 86 - 11 images)

0Start of the big time

0Static time

0Static time - plan view (xi-a)

0Static time with the big noise down Isobront Way

0Status, misleading, in parenthesis

0(Still, life;) Moments about a point

0Stretching exercises

0Study in black black

0Study in black black (9 images)

0Study in black black; selection box

0Study in crimson

0Study in white white

0Sunderland - 2; Luton - 0

0SUNGGNUS cartoon strip (20 images)

0Sunset and sunrise on the Ethereal Sea both north and south of the no-time

0‘Swimming the mile,


0Tartan pattern (sketch)

0Tea and sandwiches (20 & 32)


0That exquisite moment just before the perished hot water bottle b..... (i-iv)

0That shallot

0The Albatross Equation (The fault is mine, and mine alone)

0The Albatross Equation - The fault defined

0The Albatross Equation - The field defined

0The Albatross Equation - What was the question again?

0The anniversary waltz

0The apotheosis of the mortgage

0The appendix scar

0The artyfartyfacts

0(The) B5020

0The butterfly, pinless in its dreams

0The convent across the road

0The dance in the no-time (i-vii)

0The dance in the no-time revisited

0The day after tomorrow but well before static time I

0The day after tomorrow but well before static time II

0The day after tomorrow but well before static time - plan view

0The dove and the painting of a jug of water

0The eagle, the avenue, & the army hostess badge

0The emperor in his war room

0The endless equation

0The endless summertime of childhood

0The fair maid of Askalot awaits the Akond of Swat

0The fall of Ang

0The festival of bottle tops, pebbles and twigs, sea-worn glass and scraps of silver paper

0The festival of grand absquatulation

0The festival of paddling in the shallows

0The festival of the first cuckoo in spring gathering nuts in may

0The festival of the headlong rush to the end of all things

0The flight path of the sulphur yellow

0The fool unmated:- a thousand and one ley lines of and yets and if onlys

0The futile, the secret gestures (traversing the ice queen’s demesne)

0The Glitheroe - Girling Foolishness

0The horse chestnut branch and the beeches disrupted foundations

0The march event

0The m...... ...k

0The only photo. But I wasn't looking

0The opening bars of the first movement of Tchaikovsky's piano concerto No.1 in B flat minor op23

0The original:- a copy

0The passage of time

0The passage of time in the dark room

0The (philosophic) myth of existence

0The puzzle of the exercise book's cover

0The real Second Division

0The real Second Division, exemplar material (10 images)

0There's plenty more great rhombicuboctahedra in the sea

0The right commercial attitude

0The room beyond the room beyond

0The Ruevelum

0The Ruevelum (2nd version)

0The seagull and the storm

0The seated blancmange

0These shallot-ee-ohs

0The sibilating signpost somewhere on the strand between Nirvana and Tír na nÓg (day)

0The sibilating signpost somewhere on the strand between Nirvana and Tír na nÓg (sleep)

0The sky at night

0The sound of the sea

0The sunny side of the street

0The sword in the stone (2008)

0The sword in the stone (2012)

0The sword in the stone (ii)

0The ‘thisness’ of a brick. - Spot the brick

0The three possible results of the equation

0The Wardrobe Tank MkII?

0The weaving of dreams

0The Western Isles

0‘The world turned .........inside out.’, such is the ‘flu

0Thinking, the red admirable at flight, in the wood which does not exist

0This shallot i

0This shallot ii

0Threading the armillary spear (in the springtime!)

0Three by three by four, six by six (i-iv)

0Three enigmatic variations

0(Through the branches and leaves) "Hola owl!" whispers the breeze

0Till the tide goes out forever (4 images)

0Toasted, bleached, unimagined

0Tom Sawyer the robot’s red model - not of this world

0To seize her here in Caesar Street

0Treading the armillary sphere

0Triangulation 1-3

0Tripartite confrontation (first version)

0Tripartite Confrontation


0Ultima Thule - The puzzle begins

0Under a term of Pan I+II

0Unmitigated magpie - forty-two : two thirds

0(Untitled, set of cards - series A) (8 images)

0(Untitled, set of cards - series B) (12 images)

0(Untitled, analogue device)(73)

0(Untitled, red print)(Jan 74, photo-silkscreen print)

0(Untitled, green print)(Jan, Feb 74, photo-silkscreen print)

0(Untitled)(March, April 74, photo-silkscreen print)

0(Untitled, blue print)(April 74, photo-silkscreen print)

0(Untitled)(74, photo(i))

0(Untitled)(74, photo(ii))

0(Untitled)(74, photo(iii))

0(Untitled, relative motion device)(74)

0(Untitled)(April 74, drawing)

0(Untitled) (74, 'photo' (i))

0(Untitled) (74, 'photo' (ii))

0(Untitled) (74, 'photo' (iii))

0(Untitled) (76, painting)

0(Untitled)(c. 79, modified found object)

0(Untitled)(c. 80, modified found object)

0(Untitled)(81-82, collage)

0(Untitled)(Jan 83, drawing)

0(Untitled)(Feb 83, drawing)

0(Untitled)(Mar 83, drawing)

0(Untitled)(Mar 83, collage)

0(Untitled)(83, 'photo' (i))

0(Untitled)(83, 'photo' (ii))

0(Untitled)(Jan 84, collage(i))

0(Untitled)(Jan 84, collage(ii))

0(Untitled)(Jan 84, collage(iii))

0(Untitled)(Jan 84, collage(iv))

0(Untitled)(Jan 84, collage(i-iv))

0(Untitled)(Mar 85, collage(i))

0(Untitled)(Mar 85, collage(ii))

0(Untitled)(Feb 89, drawing)

0(Untitled)(June 89, drawing)

0(Untitled, orange sketch)

0(Untitled)(90, drawing)

0(Untitled)(90, drawing)

(Untitled)(c. 90, modified found object)

0(Untitled)(Oct 90, drawing (i))

0(Untitled)(May 93, collage)

0(Untitled)(04, computer modified drawing (iia))

0(Untitled)(04, computer modified drawing (iiif))

0Visualise a brick wall fallen down

0Viva Los Puntos Negros!

0Was is will

0Welcome to The New World's Orders

0Wenlock Edge - wish we were there

Wensleydale cheese


0What have they done?

0What I did during my summer holidays

0What!? Still no Sherlock?

0What!? Still no Sherlock? (With captions)

0When the smiling stopped

0Whistling Sukiyaki and the Pequad Blues

0White tiles

0Winking the word

0Wrong number from Thatcham

0Xmas tern

0Xmas tern a la pappalardi (iii)

0Yes, but what does it mean

0You 'orrible little man, 'summer 71'

0You, well-meaning brought us here

0Zeno’s paradox - III

0ZUJK, doubly so

01979 and on: the Anglo-Saxon loosed

02.45am 15th July 1982. .....

03 cubes - A & B

03 Discs



0That shallot

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