Work is arranged in chronological order of completion
Images not included in the files below are listed in the indexes

A 1972-75 (20 images) B 1975-77 (20 images)
C 1977-81 (20 images) D 1981-83 (20 images)
E 1983-87 (20 images) F 1987-89 (20 images)
G 1989-92 (20 images) H 1993-97 (20 images)
I 1997-2001 (20 images) J 2003-05 (20 images)
K 2006 (20 images) L 2006-07 (20 images)
M 2007-10 (20 images) N 2010-12 (20 images)
O 2012-16 (20 images) P 2017-21 (31 images)
Videos 2005-06 (3 short films) One-man show, etc

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