Mainaining this web site is very much an as and when activity, consequently I can't guarantee that all the following links are active or necessarily go to where they should. Doing a long overdue check of links recently (spring 2017) I found a fair few had evaporated into the ether or metamorphosed into things distinctly other, in addition I decided to ditch the few remaining 'reciprocals'.

Florence Biennale Artists0 - art links to a selection of fellow exhibitors at the Florence Biennale

Special Forces RoH - S.A.S. and others

La Cucuracha - Spanish Civil War

Historical Memory Society - dedicated to recovering the remains of the victims of Fascism from Spain's mass graves, and recording the true story of the Fascist era

Contra la Impunidad del Franquismo - campaign to remove Spain's Law of Immunity for the Fascist era

Salvemos Carabanchel - campaign to create a museum at Carabanchel Prison

International Brigade Organisation - dedicated to the anti-fascist volunteers who fought to defend democracy in Spain

Americans Who Tell The Truth - a somewhat surprising site from the country which endlessly claims to be 'the greatest country in the world' yet whose neoliberal neofascist insanely greedy shits have spread more death and destruction around more parts of the planet than any regime in history. Easy to forget the likes of 'The Grapes of Wrath', 'The Best Years of Our Lives', etc. This site features for example Edward Snowden, Major General Smedley Butler, Mark Twain, Woody Guthrie, and many more including one of the absolute greats - Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson - St Louis Blues - one of the greats singing one of the greats, with the Ray Noble Orchestra

And re. Paul Robeson, etc. -
Tayo Aluko

War is a Racket - Major General Smedley Butler's book 'War is a Racket' - "I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it."

Phil Ochs lyrics - complete (or near complete) Phil Ochs lyrics

Mark Twain - quotations from Mark Twain

Robert Burns - the works of Robert Burns

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya - Republican Left of Catalonia

El Nacional - online Catalan pro-independence paper

(No longer extant,
Barbary Figs - if anyone has any doubts about the monumental infantilism, stupidity and malignancy of the Spanish governing class, the content of this site by Milford Edge serves as a clinical dissection of its chronic comorbidity. Salvador Dali satirised the Spanish governing class with his finger-corkscrewing-upward pronunciamentos, so too did Cervantes in Don Quixote, and nowadays the absurd ill-educated boorish Josep Borrell self-satirises unintentionally, because, hey, when you're a thick-as-two-short-planks self-entitled yob its what comes naturally...
great shame I didn't think of making a copy of it before its demise.)

catalannews - the Catalan News Agency

VilaWeb - Catalan news in English - more Catalan news in English

Cataloniavotes - more news from Catalonia

The Press Association - scroll down

Reuters news agency

The Guardian - once (long ago and far away.....) was a good read. Lost it for me some years back (the ridiculous quest for balance; printing right-wing claptrap to 'balance' the meaningful stuff, that and the intelligence insulting garbage from the pretentious arty-farty Waldemar Januszczak), however such has been the dive into the gutter of most of the rest of the UK press, plus the Guardian's minor recovery (even allowing for the equally pretentious and arty-farty Jonathan Jones) that it is often worth a look

Another Angry Voice - in the distant past my father used to say "Read The Times for the facts, and The Daily Worker (now The Morning Star) for the interpretation of the facts." Not entirely sure who to rely on for the facts nowadays, but this is a good site for interpretation. I haven't read everything the lad has written, but none of what I have read would I disagree with

Craig Murray - Craig Murray - 20 years a Foreign and Commonwealth insider, still with insider contacts, and a great penchant for detailed spilling of the beans and debunking Government bollocks

The National - online Scottish pro-independence paper

Morning Star - previously The Daily Worker - owned by its readers. Not owned by the kind of Insanely Greedy Shits for whom the capitalist system was designed. (Insanely Greedy Shits? People who possess more wealth than any human being could use in a multitude of lifetimes, who no matter how much they have will never have enough, and who will use any means - literally any means - to ensure that no one hinders their insatiable lust for grabbing the cash - or its effective equivalent, power)

London Progressive Journal

World Socialist Web Site - 'As with the victims of their policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere, those killed in the Grenfell Tower fire are looked upon by the ruling class as "collateral damage." ' (If you are one of the ragged trousered philanthropists this site is not for you, stick with The Sun,The Daily Mail and the rest of the gutter press. On the other hand if you have a functioning brain read The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists first then have a look at this site)

The Canary - as above - the Department of Social Scrutiny

Tom Lehrer famously said something to the effect that satire died when Henry Kissinger was given a Peace Prize. Behold; reanimated, Satire Personified - Donald Trump! How can the human species contain so many cretins and hope to survive? (Rhetorical question.) Imagine a double act of Trump and Boris Johnson - The Undisputed Village Idiot of Planet Earth and his understudy.....

Flanders and Swann respectable songs for responsible adults - P** P* B**** B** D******!

Jake Thackray - "I love a good bum on a woman, it makes my day. To me it is palpable proof of God's existence, a posteriori." Surely one of the 100 best quotes of all time

Pete Atkin and Clive James - a follow on to the above quote perhaps in 'Beware of the Beautiful Stranger'

Music from the Andes - and nearby

Canadian music archives

78's - recordings from old 78rpm discs

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - can blue men sing the whites?

The Goon Show Preservation Society - "What time is it Eccles?"

Private Eye - good in patches, at least when their public school background doesn't show through. (In the UK public schools are schools where fees are paid to attend, the rest of us, the hoi polloi, go to or went to state schools)

Flags of the World

Durham miners banners - in the comparatively early days of the internet I was looking for a map of Sulawesi. The search brought me to Peter Loud's map of Sulawesi. Unexpectedly I also found on his web site photos of the Durham Miners Gala (the 1975 sets) including the banners - click on the link and scroll about two thirds of the way down

Mensa - Mensa was founded in England in 1946 by Roland Berrill, a barrister, and Dr Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer. They had the idea of forming a society for bright people, the only qualification for membership of which was a high IQ. The original aims were, as they are today, to create a society that is non-political and free from all racial or religious distinctions

Billy Birkett - a classmate of mine (from The Lakes School at Troutbeck Bridge) trying to appear grown up by styling himself 'Bill', still climbing mountains but now writing about it as well. Particularly pleased to see this web site for two reasons; firstly because we were of a group given a comprehensive telling off along the lines that we would never amount to anything by a disgruntled* teacher, and secondly because, descending towards old age, he looks rougher in his photo than I do in mine. (And I can remember when he was a model!)

*I shouldn't say this, but as I'm not trying to appear grown up I will do anyway; I have a strong suspicion that the real causes of her frequent disgruntlings were her penchant for wearing a tight pencil skirt and, ten years after they went out of fashion, a pointy bra under an equally tight white blouse

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