Short films
These films are compressed, consequently there is
a slight loss of visual detail compared to the originals.
Click on the images for autoplay.


June - Oct 2005
Duration: 7 min, 27 sec

Circa 31Mb


Oct 2005
Duration: 2 min, 1 sec

Circa 7.8Mb

Got up.....

Aug 2005 & Dec 2006
Duration: 3 min, 20 sec

Circa 13.9Mb

New dogs, old tricks

July 2022
Duration: 3 min, 49 sec

Circa 46.6Mb

New dogs, old tricks

(As above but with an added sound track of
Andrés Segovia
playing a composition by Fernando Sor
based on a theme of Mozart)

July 2022
Duration: 3 min, 56 sec

Circa 53.4Mb

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