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On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi 1973 102cm (40") x 51cm (20")

Oils on board
'On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi (2nd version)', below,
'The fall of Ang'
Open hand - clenched fist 1974 23cm (??") x 40cm (??")

Silkscreen print on paper
On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi

(2nd version)
1975 102cm (40") x 51cm (20")

Oils on board
'On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi (original version)', above,
'The fall of Ang'
Orange tiles 1988 40cm (16") x 30cm (12")

Oils on board
Overtime underground 1989 103cm (40") x 62cm (24")

Oils on board
Other windows 1989 38cm (15") x 50cm (20")

Oils on board
See note below
For those (should 'those' exist) who may have noted a handful of references to Van Der Graaf Generator/Peter Hammill in the titles of pictures, and who assume that 'Other windows' is a VDGG/PH reference it is worth noting that the phrase 'other windows' also occurs in the Clive James / Pete Atkin song 'The master of the revels', and that the concept of 'other windows' is not alien to the book 'Doctor Zhivago'. It may also be worth noting that The Third Entity and I once sat side by side, she in her winter coat, me in mine, through a viewing of the film of the same name.

Whether one should read anything at all into the preceding is, of course, entirely moot.

(NB anyone (should there be 'anyone') who sees a connection between 'moot' and 'Moose Malloy' should probably see a doctor!

Although, having said that.....)
On Tuesdays she used to do yoga 1995 A4

Printer ink on paper
Title is taken from a Peter Hammill song
Oxfam fashions above the abyss 1996 46cm (18") x 51cm (20")

Oils & acrylic on board
OK Bud, hand over the doe! 2011 51cm (20") x 36cm (14")

Digital collage / computer generated


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