File Ut1000000Work is listed in order of completion

The Ruevelum 1972 73.3cm (29") x 122cm (48")
(estimated size)

Oils on canvas on board
The Ruevelum 1973 Possibly circa
77cm (30") x 122cm (48")

Oils on canvas
2nd version
The opening bars of the first movement of Tchaikovsky's piano concerto No.1 in B flat minor op23 1973 circa 24cm (9.5") x 35.5cm (14")

oils on board
The three possible results of the equation 1973 31cm (12") x 25cm (10")

Oils on primed paper on board
Tripartite confrontation (first version) 1973 Circa
122cm (48") x 120cm (47")

Oils on board
'Tripartite confrontation'
The fall of Ang 1973 76cm (30") x 51cm (20")

Oil on primed paper
see also
'On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi'
'On the road from Ifsef to Usevoi (2nd version)'
The emperor in his war room 1974 64cm (25") x 52.5cm (20.5")

Drawing ink on card
The room beyond the room beyond 1976 80cm (31") x 54cm (21")

Oils on board
Digital reworking - 2009
The puzzle of the exercise book's cover 1976 122cm (48") x 61cm (24")

Oils on board
The dove and the painting of a jug of water 1976 61cm (24") x 76cm (30")

Oils on board


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