File Ut3000000Work is listed in order of completion

Tom Sawyer the robot's red model - not of this world 1996 40cm (16") x 23cm (9")

Oils on board
The 'thisness' of a brick.

- Spot the brick
1997 41cm (16") x 51cm (20")

Oils and acrylic on board
The futile, the secret gestures

(traversing the ice queen's demesne)
1998 41cm (16") x 51cm (20")

Oils on board
The (philosophic) myth of existence 1998 30cm (12") x 39cm (15.5")

Oils on board
The apotheosis of the mortgage 1998 38cm (15") x 51cm (20")

Oils on board
That exquisite moment just before the perished hot water bottle b..... 1999 80cm (32") x 102cm (40")

Oils on board
Four paintings
The Western Isles 1999 38cm (15") x 51cm (20")

Acrylic on board
(The) B5020 2004 122cm (48") x 88.5cm (35")

Computer generated
Treading the armillary sphere 2005 57cm (22.5") x 38cm (15")

Computer generated
The endless summertime of childhood 2005 61cm (24") x 51cm (20")

Oils on canvas on board


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