The festival of the headlong rush to the end of all things

June 2022
Digital collage / computer generated
101.5cm (40") x 63.5cm (25")

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See the ranting actor and his bag of slippery tricks
'Mirror, camera, action', beards and tattoos at the flicks.
Watch while the merry donkeys bray 'Si Señor, si!'
And Lord Jackal the Shepherd smirks in unholy glee!

Incandescent Mercury in a rush sounds the cry,
Mimicking monkeys foghorn each deceit, every palpable lie
On screens in full colour - and all in black and in white;
While Jackal the Shepherd mouths self-serving shite!

And we too are with you, oh Lord above all!
Once again, now and forever, we answer your call!
Oh, yes! High and mighty 'Three bags full, Sir, three bags full'.
Till the end of our days 'Three bags full, Sir, three bags full'.

Yes, Sir, no, Sir,
Yes, Sir, no, Sir, three bags full, Sir,
Yes, Sir, no, Sir, three bags full, Sir, three bags full!

All the Moneybags!
MMooonnnnneyyybbaaags! And their Windbags!
MMoneybags! WWindbags! WWindbbbags WWindbbagsAnd body bags full!

(Words - July 2023)

Perhaps all the players in this game of 'Risk' have undeclared Caribbean accounts?

Perhaps we should feel sorry for these 'poor dears', so burdened with wealth that they have to hide it away?