A few biographical details:

I was born in Glasgow (9th Feb. 53), my mother was also from Glasgow, my father (who changed his name to Colman whilst serving with the British Army during the Second World War) was a Catalan from Barcelona.

As well as Glasgow I have lived in Cardiff, Penarth, Windermere, London, Southampton, Derby, Sunderland, Manchester, Sunderland again, Dagenham, and currently in Llamedos in the Bajabiond region of northern Spain. (Llamedos is of course notably twinned with Llareggub in South Wales.)

I began producing artwork in 1970, and on a more serious basis in 1972. I attended a moderately intellectually stimulating Foundation Course in Derby, gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art (an effectively meaningless qualification) in Sunderland, and some years later, also in Sunderland, a BEd in Design & Technology - which at least represented two years of hard work.

As well as the usual holiday-time shop, factory and construction labouring jobs I’ve worked as a cataloguer/exhibitions assistant, manager of a support group for unemployed graduates, graphic artist, school teacher (‘the lost years’ (why does Dante’s Purgatory repeatedly come to mind?) only slightly redeemed by one of my design & communication groups winning a national design competition, and by a delightful form class in my last school), cartographer with the Ordnance Survey, and driving instructor.

I have been a blood donor since 1971, and a member of Mensa since 1981.

(From the August of 1975 until April of 2013 I was a fan of Sunderland Football Club - Barcelona being my 'second' team!)

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Alexandra Park, Glasgow, 1955

'Under all discouragements, however, I stuck to my Bottle,
and held firm to my resolution that every drop of its contents
should reach the Bottle's destination.'

Charles Dickens from A Secret Expedition.
(The quote of course has nothing to do with the photo,
but I couldn't resist it.)

Derwent Reservoir, 1985

London, 2009

And here, in an unwarranted and entirely gratuitous attempt to provoke jealousy and envy, is my view of the Bajabiond from the front window of Casa Nunthawiza in Llamedos -


and round to the side;

and round to the other side;

(From spring of 2017 for more about the flag
click here)

the night of 15th/16th Oct 2017 when wind-blown forest fires roared through Galicia and Asturias.

(For a larger image click here)

and sometimes when the full moon is above the lake;

and at dusk, another moon above the same lake;

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