3D crawl through maze (1975)

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At the end of the first year and during the summer holiday at art college I constructed a 3D crawl through maze. It was made out of 64 tea chests with some additional supporting timber. Each chest had one or more panels removed. The chests were arranged on their sides in 4 layers, each of 4 chests by 4. This gave an overall size of approximately 6' wide, 8' back to front, and 6' high. the maze was light proof.

As the designer and maker of the maze I could crawl through from entrance to exit in 3 minutes.

During the the early days of its use I made the following notes -

'The shortest times taken to negotiate the maze were 3 minutes - my time, and 3.5 minutes by Stuart on his second time through.

The longest time in the maze was 1 hour 20 minutes by Pat who eventually was released through the emergency exit. He had already declined several offers to make use of this exit.

Average time to negotiate the maze was 20 to 30 minutes.

Most people who found the correct route out were still disorientated and couldn't describe the route accurately. Dave took longer the second time through.'

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