Spinning Sigismund - the garden shed

May, July 90, April, Aug 91, Mar, June, Sept 96
Oils on canvas on board
48cm (19") x 61cm (24")

Additional notes (which will be of no earthly use to you, but which are supplied free, gratis and for nothing, and in a spirit of 'Why should you be allowed to get away with it anyway?' - and let that be a lesson to you all!)

1/ Textured undercoat of Monestial Blue, overpainted with Titanium White

2/ Titanium White / Titanium White + Yellow Ochre / Titanium White + Raw Sienna / Titanium White + Rose Madder

3/ Yellow Ochre / Raw Sienna / Titanium White / (some) Payne's Grey

4/ Indian Red / Burnt Sienna / Permanent Mauve / Cadmium Red / Rose Madder / Alazarin Crimson - all with Titanium White

5/ Titanium White + Permanent Magenta / Titanium White + Rose Madder

6/ Titanium White + Lemon Yellow

And let THAT be a lesson to you all!

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