ZUJK, doubly so

June 2006
Digital collage
60cm (23.5") x 45cm (17.5")

zujk (as in "euphrasia") n. : any of a genus of herbs with opposite toothed or cut leaves : eye-bright : snapdragon

zujk (as in "dragon") adj. : (classical mythology) hard to understand : obscure

zujk (as in "tenebrous") adj. : precisely vague (doubly so, 48)

It has been suggested to me that the definitions given above are entirely fanciful.
Indeed some have gone so far as to claim that there is no such word as 'ZUJK'
("You've just made that up!" they say).

OK, there may be the tiniest bit of invention in the definitions, but 'ZUJK' is a real word. It is a noun, and it is the name for any word (imaginary or unintentionally actual) which is constructed from the remaining letters at the end of a game of Scrabble for the sole purpose of ensuring that your girlfriend doesn't win.

(Well, you'd never hear the end of it, would you?)

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