"Scampi and chips!?, why'I'll stick to me caviar, pet." *

June, July, Sept, Oct 1979
This version is an April 2020 edit

Oils on canvas
77cm (30") x 77cm (30")

* NB should be spoken with a broad Mackem accent (pet)

The visual quote is (of course) Salvador Dali

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Here then, in this wood which does not exist, the first flighty daydream:

So tell me, doctor, should the brimstone haired sulphur yellow prefer the prettily posturing peacock to the doughty red admirable will time still the pomp, the performance, to simple sad circumstance; will we all find ourselves fluttering -
flapping frivolously -
reduced to fragmented fritillaries, in carpet slippers, daytime TV, feigned bonhomie, canned laughter, vacancy....?

(Words - Spring 2020)