First and last bridge - a ground zero of the imagination.
(Not so much a title as a motto)

Oct 83, Jan, April 84, Aug 85,
Nov, Dec 93 Jan 94
Oils on canvas
102cm (40") x 102cm (40")

A list of the images to be used in this painting was compiled during the winter of 1978/9. The images were collected together during the summer of '79 and the initial drawings, and the composition for the painting were done at that time. The basic drawing was transferred to the canvas in '83 and painting was begun that october, with changes of emphasis though not of composition made in august of '85. After a gap of eight years work was begun again in november of '93 with a series of minor alterations to the imagery - principally to the female figure.
(The painting is to be launched sideways at Millwall.)

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