File Us1000000Work is listed in order of completion

Springtime scalping on the central reservation 1974 ??cm (??") x ??cm (??")

Oils on board
Sunderland 2; Luton - 0 1975 ??cm (??") x ??cm (??")

Oils on board
Unfinished. See
'Here and there way down south'
Sick as a parrot Mk.ii 1981 26cm (10") x 39cm (16")

Collage, gouache, enamels, pencil, drawing ink, marker and crayon on card
Study in black black 1988 17cm (6") x 23cm (9")

Oils on board
the rest of the study
the selection box
Study in white white 1989 16cm (6") x 20cm (8")

Oils on board
Spot marks the 'x' 1989 40cm (16") x 30cm (12")

Oils & tissue on board
Scene unseen, thought unspoken 1990 51cm (20") x 40cm (16")

Oils on canvas on board
Splurgethurgle and yowle 1991 51cm (20") x 41cm (16")

Oils on board
Soft falling, revolving, dream's cogs in the night 1992 51cm (20") x 38cm (15")

Oils on board
Sculpture Park seating design 1995 A3

Watercolours and pencil on paper
Exemplar material


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