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Nice 1973 20.5cm (8") x 31cm (12.5")

Drawing ink on cement, oils on board
(No more) the Mons Badonicus Blues, now it's retrogression time with Norbert Prendergast jr and his B.A.(Hons) Rhythm Boys 1983 75cm (29") x 41cm (16")

Oils on board
Painting finished the week before the shooting down of an airliner near Kamchatka. Players of 'Risk' will recognise Irkutsk, Yakutsk and Kamchatka.

The quote in the painting ('....think, it doesn't mean a thing but....') is from Van Der Graaf Generator, 'In the summertime the august people sneered.' from the same song isn't quoted
"Neither Scylla nor Charybdis, indeed." added Mr. Moto, archly 1989 50cm (20") x 38cm (15")

Oils on board
Neither Scylla nor Charybdis do the Иркутск walk 1989 41cm (16") x 30cm (12")

Oils on board
Иркутск = Irkutsk
'No; 'tis no use,' she said. 1995 38cm (15") x 28cm (11")

Oils, tissue & newsprint on board
Not amused, I'm sure 1998-99 51cm (20") x 41cm (16")

Oils on board
'And keep you amused, I'm sure'
Next mars (ii) 2005 40cm (16") x 51cm (20")

Computer modified photo
Neither the spaghetti strands of time and place nor the baked beans of outrageous fortune, but more nearly eccentric coffee orbits refuting the Copernican System 2007 76cm (30") x 55.5cm (22")

Computer modified photo / computer generated
Now, there's a puzzle!

("Come into my parlour." said the satsuma to the marble)
2012 74.5cm (29.5") x 47.5cm (19")

Photographs / digital collage / computer generated

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