File Ua1000000Work is listed in order of completion

A brick with the sky in it 1974 51cm (20") x 73cm (28")

Oils on paper on board
A strangely coloured dice with the sky in it 1975-76 51cm (20") x 74cm (29")

Oils on board
An open invitation 1983 52cm (20") x 35cm (14")

Newsprint, gouache, letraset on card
'A closed door'
, and stalking woodworm.' 1984 41cm (16") x 56cm (22")

Oils on canvas on board
A little chaos 1984 ??cm (??") x ??cm (??")

Oils on board
A first painting after the death of Dali 1989 41cm (16") x 31cm (12")

Oils on board
A circle - un cercle 1990 61cm (24") x 40cm (16")

Oils on canvas on board
An upside down picture 1991 35cm (14") x 28cm (11")

Watercolour on blotting paper

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