Conny de Mayne
(and the Psycho-motor)

Some education theory:
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Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom classified educational objectives as falling into one or more of three categories, or domains -

1/ Cognitive objectives - remembering, reasoning, concept formation and creative thinking

2/ Affective objectives - emotive qualities, e.g. attitudes, interests, values and emotional biases

3/ Psychomotor objectives - muscle and motor skills, manipulation (handwriting, speech, physical education, etc.)

Cognitive factors are arranged under six hierarchical headings -

a/ Knowledge - acquisition & recall of facts, terminology, conventions and generalisations

b/ Comprehension - low level understanding

c/ Application - remembering and combining knowledge in real situations

d/ Analysis - breaking down knowledge into constituent parts in order to find the relationship between them

e/ Synthesis - rearranging and combining constituents to produce new knowledge

f/ Evaluation - arriving at value judgements about old and new knowledge: using value judgements to inform future action

Exemplar material
Oct 89
Drawing ink on A4 paper

Classroom motivation

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