After midnight, Aenfer eclipsed by hair in a bun
(On with the motley!)

Dec 2021
Digital collage / computer generated
61cm (24") x 38.5cm (15")

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Down the years I have dreamt of The Third Entity a great many times.

Whenever I dream of her I am ridiculously grateful that she has 'chosen' to visit me.

In the early years all of the dreams, regardless of their content, had one very precise story line, which I now refer to as the 'Classic' dream. Eventually there was a dream which followed the Classic line, but in reverse, thereafter the dreams have possessed more thematic variety, although overall the Classic dreams predominate.

The Classic dream which prompted this work occurred shortly before I awoke on the morning of 1st December 2021.

The geometry of the image above broadly follows that of the dream. However the essentially sparse imagery and near monochrome of the dream has been elaborated upon.