Aug 2023
Digital collage / computer generated
93.5cm (37") x 131cm (51.5")

So, the dream - donkey's years ago; in brief, I was standing on the roof of a tower, of a cathedral I believed.

I leant on the boundary wall looking down to the people, traffic and buildings below, and also pondering on perspective.

Having spent some time in that manner I decided it was time to go down.

The top of the tower was perhaps ten metres square. As I turned away from the wall I noticed an unusual object on the roof of the tower a few metres away to my right.

As I went towards it I thought it looked like a couple of fish wrapped in newspaper - in the old style.

'Who on earth would be coming up here on their way home from the fishmonger?'

As I got closer I could see it was not two fish but two dismembered human feet wrapped in newspaper (- in the old style?)

Puzzling over the how's, why's, what's, and where's the dream came to an end.

All that is left is to say (in my best attempt at an E L Wisty voice) 'I don't think it should be allowed - people leaving dismembered feet wrapped up in newspaper on top of cathedrals. I think people like that shouldn't be allowed...'

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