Chess, cards, piano. Solitaire

May 97
Oils on board
40cm (16") x 30cm (12")

This shuffling, shrouded, umbered evening
I sip red wine from an age worn glass -
Sip bright sunlight's distilled warmth;

Wide-lipped, jolly, joyous sunshine
Happy, hearty, blithely beaming
Blessing with smiles your month of birth.

Once, I brought to you unasked, unbidden,
My winter month's wine dark draught -
Harsh chilling wind, drear brooding squals,

Shadow clouds across your smiling face;
But look away, for summer sun burns cloud,
And sail on, sunlit, through your breezy days.

(Words - July, 2005)

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For clarity; the addressee in the above lines was, at the time of the circumstances alluded to, either six or eighteen months older than me (depending on whose version is correct). I believe - although I have no proof of this - that she is still some six or perhaps eighteen months older than I.