Towards the end of 1998 I was offered the opportunity of staging a one-man show at London City Airport. (Many thanks to Simon Ashmore at London City Airport for making it possible.)

I was delighted to be given a good display area, and then allowed the freedom to get on with it.

The Exhibition ran through April 1999. A painting from the exhibition, 'First and last bridge' was featured on the front cover of that month's issue of Mensa Magazine. The banner at the top of some of the pages on this site shows the layout of the exhibition.

The layout of the London City Airport one-man show, April 1999.
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Catalogue cover

Mensa Magazine cover
The titles

01 Coincidence like a goal-less draw
02 Ships that pass on the fault line
03 The passage of time
04 No Sherlock? The dog it was that didn't bark
05 Green cube
06 Pineapple and beans on toast
07 The futile, the secret gestures
08 A still life still in moment
09 A pre-autumnal rememberance of the auto-intellectual anastheasia sprung from a hypothetical cranial excoriation
10 ...and with my head on fire...
11 La gelée sédentaire
12 A touch of (yoga)
13 A rememberance of summers before the fall
14 (Stamps 86, untitled)
15 Excalibur (the sword in the stone)
16 One weekend in Sunderland
17 Silent isobront (eyelet of the deaf)
18 A cross the synapse
19 Pool on the Brathay
20 Rose tea till a' the seas gang dry
21 Development of an orange
22 Static time
23 The (philosophic) myth of existence
24 Cogito, ergo sum
25 The dance in the no-time revisited
26 Cry havoc, and the Paddock Wood waiting room notice board
27 First and last bridge - a ground zero of the imagination
28 Some might say
29 Awaiting coincidence

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