During our initial discussion about a possible one-man show at London City Airport Simon Ashmore mentioned that the airport's hierarchy would have a veto on work to be featured.

I imagine that his concern was with the high visibility of the outré garbage so often associated with the Turner Prize, the YBA yobs, the rehashed hippy 'Dadaists', and the rest of the passing freak show of talentless attention seekers.

In the event there was no objection to my selection. However on the off chance I prepared a list of potential replacements.

Looking back on that list years later It occurred to me that it would be fun to assemble an alternative 'virtual' exhibition. In the event there was enough work for two exhibitions without repetition.

Alternative 01

01 The seated blancmange
02 Late swims - Lily of the Valley and Millerground
03 The convent across the road
04 .....in which St Swithin's Day commences with a thoroughly commendable torrential cloudburst and continues with a most thunderously magnificent electrical storm
05 And shall we go again..... Into your dreams again..... Into your days long gone?
06 'No; 'tis no use,' she said
07 The horse chestnut branch and the beeches disrupted foundations
08 Wenlock Edge - wish we were there
09 Sausage, egg & chips and a mug of tea one evening in Bristol
10 A ring through the nose
11 La Rossa/Lady With The Skin So White
12 The March event
13 Outside the city gate (people of all sorts are going out walking)
14 Silhouettes
15 Seeing the chimera
16 Missing emulsion
17 'The world turned .........inside out.', such is the 'flu'
18 Both ends of infinity
19 The right commercial attitude
20 Fu-hsi and the cosmic principles
21 Gyron and Abscissa
22 Winking the word
23 Migraine?
24 Cogitator's comfort (for the contemplative heed-banger)
25 Tripartite Confrontation

Alternative 02

01 A rock on the island
02 Was is will
03 Dawn and dusk by the big swimming pool
04 'Swimming the mile,
05 Sea, sun and sand
06 Stretching exercises
07 3 cubes - A & B
08 Toasted, bleached, unimagined
09 Horse chestnut, greatcoat, ghosts
10 (Stamps 86, untitled) (NPS-15)
11 1979 and on: the Anglo-Saxon loosed
12 (Stamps 86, untitled) (NPS-14)
13 Barking up the tomato palm cruise, or BANANAD!
14 Oh, tedium - I've seen it all before. Don't you have a stick I can fetch?
15 Green, Erzulie, green at last!
16 Study in crimson
17 Big mesh
18 (Stamps 86, untitled) (NPS-12)
19 What I did during my summer holidays
20 The fool unmated:- a thousand and one ley lines of and yets and if onlys
21 Engraved in the memory
22 A sort of anniversary, precursed by omens.......
23 Beach, bath, or hand......"Where it is?"
24 Here and there way down south
25 "Quo vadis?" "From Nottwich to Notlob - pack a shirt and some fresh pyjamas, that's all you need."

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