Siddall & Chaos

Siddall the dog, a Border Collie cross, 1977-94; Chaos the cat, a black domestic short hair, 1982-97.
In addition to both being beautiful, even-tempered and full of fun they also shared one unusual characteristic; until their last couple of years both were routinely mistaken for young dog and cat.

Siddall with her football scarf
(Photo by Eileen Reddish)

Chaos, the silkiest coat ever

Siddall, curious about the camera

Chaos, tail twitching, eyeing the pigeons

Siddall sunbathing

Chaos preening

Insoucient or what?
Siddall on the bed instead of in the basket

Chaos on the boiler, the warmest place in the house, of course

Siddall at college
(Oil sketch by Tom Caley)

The Mighty Hunter about to pounce
- the piece of string never knew what hit it!

Minutes earlier - Siddall very pleased with herself at taking possession of MY chair
Moments earlier - Chaos conducting guerilla tactics to oust her from it
As the photo is taken - both realise the game is up
Moments later - I'm contentedly back in possession of MY chair
Minutes later - Siddall is contentedly curled up on my lap,
and Chaos is sitting on top of her, purring contentedly and licking Siddall's ears

Chaos about to make a serious mistake and justify her name
by launching an unprovoked attack on Siddall's tail

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